NOTE: BlackWhole Solutions is a DBA under Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc. All investigative products and services are provided and performed by Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc., a Minnesota Licensed Private Detective Corporation, license #507.

Welcome to BlackWhole Solutions

BlackWhole Solutions™ creates a form of "data attraction" and uses that data to formulate solutions that apply to a variety of businesses with a variety of problems. It then "sanitizes" this data and returns it to you, the BWS user, for you to use to resolve your work-related problems. Different businesses may be having what appears to be "different" problems, but there is a common solution that each can apply to that problem. In other words, what has proven to work for one business will be an appropriate to perfect solution for another with a like or similar type situation. BWS attracts multiple streams of data by users of all types and sizes of businesses and returns a clean form of that data which has proven to work towards problem resolution. You, the BWS user, "shares" your data (stripped of all identifying information such as names, locations, etc.) with other BWS users and, in turn, other BWS users, shares their data with you. BWS users receive "reasonable" to "real-time" interaction with a live investigator.

BWS allows you to quickly and very effectively benefit from the mistakes and problems others have faced and fixed. It also allows others to learn from your mistakes. BWS users may be competitors in the business arena, but BWS believes in the adage that "we are all in this together" and can help one another be more profitable in a collective sense even while competing to be the best individually. Therefore, as a problem is being worked on for one user, that data is being formulated to upload into the BlackWhole™ database. This process allows "Business B," that is experiencing a similar problem to "Business A," to benefit from the advice and instructions that is provided to "Business A." BWS gives you the ability to make the right decisions with a high degree of accuracy. BWS will help you make those decisions with sufficient speed and consistency. Make decisions with confidence, accuracy and without the emotional interference that often accompanies such decisions.

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* BlackWhole Solutions™ is launched after over 1 year in development! 

* BWS offers Continuing Education through Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc. state-approved training 

* BWS introduces and to its Members

Our Clients... Our Stories

"I have an accounting degree, law degree, and 7 years of Great Clips Franchisee experience. I found BlackWhole Solutions® very helpful in walking me through the financial, legal and operational issues involved with my recent loss prevention decision. BlackWhole Solutions® was knowledgeable, practical and always available with their advice. I would definitely recommend BlackWhole Solutions® for guidance in any loss prevention issue."

"I have worked with Bill Urban from BlackWhole Solutions™ on a number of projects over the past 10 years. Each case involved extremely sensitive matters ranging from employee fraud to employment legal matters. In each and every case, Mr. Urban's performance was exceptional and resulted in an optimal outcome. Everybody he worked with in operations, finance and HR came away extremely impressed with the results. In one case, Mr. Urban's investigation resulted in a large financial recovery of over $335,000 from the insurance company. I will call Bill in the future should the need arise, and would recommend him to any business entity. Thanks again for all the outstanding work…. I will always know who to call in cases that need professional attention!!!! "

VP of Human Resources - National Food Manufacturing Company

"BlackWhole Solutions™ was a tremendous resource during our recent manager theft incident. Bill Urban spent many hours coaching us while we gathered evidence and conducted our fact-finding interview. Bill's advice and guidance proved invaluable in helping us obtain a handwritten confession. If you are a Great Clips franchisee, you can't afford NOT to have BlackWhole Solutions™ on your team."

Patti Robertson, Franchisee & Ed Old, General Manager, Tidewater Clippers, LLC, Hampton Roads, VA

"Bill Urban provided a first class, on-site, practical template to deal with in salon theft and interrogation. Bill took all the guesswork out of a process that is not fun for anyone. With Bill's coaching I was able to get a 2-page written confession from an employee and now will see profits reappear to the bottom line. It is foolish not to be a member of BlackWhole Solutions™."

Brian Stevens - Steven's Unlimited, Minneapolis

"If you're like me, you own a business that exists on razor-thin margins. Using a company like BlackWhole Solutions™ simply wasn't an option...ANY additional expenses squeezed my already-tight bottom line. Now fast-forward to our situation: fabulous bartender... wonderful with customers... to help in any way she could. In the blink of an eye, though...well, you can guess the rest: $4,317 stolen in a matter of several months. Right out from under my nose. And we're not stupid... we've owned several multi-million dollar operations and certainly thought we had all our bases covered. So if you're as "smart" as I am; learn from my experience: Don't risk it. BlackWhole Solutions™ fees are nominal compared to what I lost in one single incident. Our membership with them is now as important as any other line item expense. And I sure as hell sleep better, too."

Cynthia Gerdes, CEO -Hell's Kitchen, Minneapolis

"When the police came to arrest the thief, they asked incredulously, "How did you ever get a signed confession?" The answer was “BlackWhole Solutions™”

Columbus, Ohio

"BlackWhole Solutions™ has provided us with valuable insight and information relating to the changing needs of Human Resources Management. I highly recommend BlackWhole Solutions™."

Burger King

"Insightful and thought-provoking. BlackWhole Solutions™ is well laid out and easy to reference. BlackWhole Solutions™ will open your eyes to an unbelievable aspect of your business."

Electric Fetus Music

"With my risk management background, I immediately saw the benefits of proactive loss prevention. BlackWhole Solutions™ has helped me take our communication skills to a new level—now we listen with open eyes as well as ears!"

United Entertainment Corporation